Spring membership becomes available at the turn of the year

If you have a membership for the fall semester, you must renew the membership for the spring. Memberships for the spring semester will go on sale at the start of January, and the membership price is 22€ (+ 5€ if you order a physical student card at the same time). The membership for the spring semester is valid until September 30, 2022 and at the start of January, you can buy it here! In addition, the memberships for the fall semester expire on January 31, 2022. Membership stickers for the physical membership card will be dealt at JAMKO office after JAMKO’s Christmas break on 12th of January.


Check whether JAMKO’s advisor has already answered your question at the FAQ-page.

if not,

  • Contact: Advisor of Systems and Member Services, jasenpalvelu(a)jamko.fi, +358 50 3361 385
  • Visit: The JAMKO office, Rajakatu 35, main campus, F-wing, room FP23
  • Opening hours

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