JAMKO’s actives dealt responsibility areas

The Board of the student union of Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences JAMKO has been organized and has shared responsibilities for the forthcoming term of 2022. JAMKO’s Board was supplemented with an additional application period. JAMKO’s Representatives council selected Paula Hokkanen, Mirko Räty, Karri Lyytikäinen and Asta Nieminen as members of the Board. Hokkanen is a second-year IB student, Räty is a first-year Nursing student, Lyytikäinen is a second-year information and communication technology student and Nieminen is studying for the second year in the Tourism Management degree program.

Left Albert Lemetyinen, Noora Hakonen, Niklas Sillander, Jouni Pasanen, Nilla Selänniemi, Lauri Kujala work in JAMKO’s Board in 2022.

Previously elected Board members have dealt the responsibilities as follows:

Essi Kervinen, cooperation
Nilla Selänniemi, social policy
Noora Hakonen, peer tutoring
Lauri Kujala, mentoring
Ville Törnblom, exchange and degree tutoring
Albert Lemetyinen, events

The responsibilities of the members added to the Board will be divided at the Board’s second inaugural meeting in early 2022.

JAMKO is chaired by Niklas Sillander, a student of information and communication technology, and Jouni Pasanen, a student of business administration, is the vice chairman. The term of the new Board will begin in January 2022 and their information will be updated on JAMKO’s website at the beginning of the term. The Board’s e-mails are in the format firstname.lastname@jamko.fi and are already in use.

At its meeting, the Representative Council elected student representatives to the institutions and working groups of Jamk, the Central Finland Student Housing Foundation KOAS and EduFutura for the period 2022. JAMKO’s Board was authorized to elect representatives to Jamk UAS’ international and service teams and EduFutura’s curriculum subgroup.

Student representatives

Jamk LTD Board: Niklas Sillander
Board of Examiners: Niklas Sillander
Board of Study Issues: Niklas Sillander and Anna Tarvainen- Illi

Jamk UAS development teams

  • Recearch, innovation and development: Jonathan Rubenstein, vice member Mauri-Tapani Heinonen
  • Quality: Mauri-Tapani Heinonen, vice member Eetu Salmensuu
  • Education development: Maria Hurme
  • Sustainable development: Paula Hokkanen and vice member Veera Leskinen

Ethical Committee: Paula Hokkanen, vice member Anna Tarvainen-Illi
Indoor air working group: Marko Ruokolainen and vice member Eetu Salmensuu
Academic Sports Cooperation Group: Nilla Selänniemi
Restaurant committee: Marta Volosova, Jonathan Rubenstein, Mauri-Tapani Heinonen, Peetu Luiro, Marko Ruokolainen ja Niklas Sillander.

Board of KOAS, term 2022-2023: Peetu Luiro


  • Executive group: Niklas Sillander
  • Leading group: Janita Hietala
  • Guidance working group: Nilla Selänniemi

Student representatives’ contact information will be updated on JAMKO’s website at the begining of the term.

More information:

Peetu Luiro, edustajiston puheenjohtaja 2022, peetu.luiro@jamko.fi
Toiminnanjohtaja Miina Pirnes, +358 44 3211 600, toiminnanjohtaja(a)jamko.fi

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