Season is a state of mind

When the lovely colourful leaves and bright autumn days are gone, a heavy darkness falls upon us in Finland. Job and school feels meaningless, waking up is a constant struggle and everything sweet sounds tempting. I bet that we all were a bit stoked about the first snow that came down last weekend. The white powder is always a great joy, and makes most of the people a bit bonkers every time, although the snow comes every year here in Finland. Even us Finns are feeling drab during November, so I suspect that people who are from countries where the amount of light is quite different, feel multiply dispirited.

I would like to hibernate from the middle of October to Christmas and every year I ponder how can I keep moving through that time when it’s bright and white again. I consider myself quite an expert, so I gathered some tips I have found useful during this dark time of the year. Find one that works for you.
I recommend amounts of something that brings a smile to your face and a lightness in your heart. It doesn’t make a difference if it is a fun activity, a dear hobby or seeing your friends and family personally or through skype etc., if you are away from home. My secret weapon is crocheting. Yes, it sounds quite boring and outdated, but it is a perfect counterbalance to my job, where the results are not visible right away. That might not be your cup of tea, but everyone of us must have something that balances the routines.

Also sports is a good way to tackle the slumber. It might feel a bit much that after a long day, but everybody don’t have to be cut out for gym training or jogging. Find something that suits you, for example from Academic Sports’ schedule, like yoga, zumba or floorball. There is something for everyone. After you’ve surpassed yourself and really broken a sweat, you’ll feel so invigorated that it lasts for a long time.

I’ve found that a steady course of everyday life keeps me moving and adequate sleep helps to overcome the dark period. If you are already tired due to the lack of sleep, it will feel twice as hard to stay upbeat. Drop the late tv-series and crawl into bed early with a book or magazine. Don’t be tempted to mess around with your smartphone, because the light from the screen will keep your activity rate high and make it hard to fall asleep.

Sensible eating is also a key to keep your spirit high. Vitamin D is important during this time of the year, so pack your tummy with good quality fish, low fat milk, green veggies and whole grain. White flour products such as pasta will fill your body with carbs and make you feel tired. After saying that, I must admit that a bit of chocolate hasn’t done anybody any harm. So light some candles, snuggle up in the corner of your sofa with some goodies, your favourite tv-series and woolly socks and make the most of this dark period, when it’s too gloomy and wet to go outside. Season is also a state of mind.

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