School is almost over..or is it?

At this time of spring most of the tests are over or coming up. Spring sometimes means more hard work than during the fall semester. But no worries, even when the spring semester ends you still have the option to choose some summer courses. There will be a summer school in JAMK and if you get the courses with the summer school students it will quite interesting, because those courses will truly be multinational. There are quite a few students coming here for the summer.

Study hard


The summer school course selection is quite wide and I think that there is something for everyone available. That is that if you are interested in getting some study credit points.

There is still some party time left, there are few more parties and events coming up. So there is no need to end the spring semester with just the final tests.

Next Tuesday there is the movie nigh at JAMKO Tuesday Club, and in Facebook on the event page there is a question to choose the movie we will watch! So go vote and come and see the movie with us. There will be snacks.

On Wednesday, right after the Tuesday Club there is the best Burger & Party Night of the semester waiting for you! At 8 p.m. everyone of JAMK students is welcome to join us at restaurant Revolution for a tasty, student priced burger. After munching on some delish burger we will go to upstairs at 10p.m. to Club Freetime to have a party!  By the way, you can use the cloak room of Freetime FREE OF CHARGE when coming for the Burger & Party! The theme for the Burger & Party is 50´s and all the competitions and quizzes are in the theme. There will be the famous quiz while we eat the burgers and the winner for it will be announced upstairs, during the party.                                                                                                                          Party time

In Freetime there will be 2 more competitions plus the lottery among the people who have been to all of the semesters Burger Nights! So remember to get your burger pass with you when you come there! There will also be the Elvis impersonator karaoke and a picture quiz about the 50´s movie titles!

There is one more Tuesday event left after the Tuesday Club, The Tuesday Jog on 28th of April. There you can go for a people friendly run with our Sports responsible, Juha or one of the sports tutors. It doesn´t matter if you aren´t super fit, you can still go and have a run in good company. The super sporty people will run a bit slower if there are people there who do not run on a regular basis. You will be taken good care of if you join 🙂


See you guys at the events!!



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