Open your mouth! Give feedback on Grumble Weeks!

We at the student union JAMKO want to know how you, the student, are doing in our higher education community and what you think about your studies at Jamk. Now it’s your turn to open your mouth!

During the Grumble Weeks, students can give anonymous feedback, both constructive and positive development suggestions, for example. Jamk’s education, the organization of teaching, services and the activities of the higher education community. Feedback is collected through an electronic survey in both Finnish and English. The survey is open 11.-24.3. This year’s theme is “Open your mouth”, with which we want to emphasize that students’ opinions play a major role in developing the quality of education and the entire higher education community!

The student union collects the feedback, compiles its main points and presents it to both students and staff at the field-specific Jupina afterparty. The events process the feedback received on a general level, and it is not possible to identify individual persons from them, for example. Written reports will be discontinued in connection with the coming weeks, and the unit’s management and quality teams will receive the collected field-specific feedback as it has been given.

Give thanks to Jamk’s staff!

During the Grumble Weeks, we will once again highlight staff members who deserve special thanks for their contribution to students’ issues. The aim is to highlight good practices and, above all, to give thanks for good work. In addition to teachers, you can also mention other staff representatives, for example from student services, IT services or even administration. The person with the most mentions will be awarded “Staff Member of the Year” after Grumble Weeks, and all thanks will also be passed on.

The survey will be opened on JAMKO’s website, social media channels and intranet Mon 11.3.2024

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Essi Pirttivaara, Social Policy Responsible, sopo (a)

Maria Matilainen, Education Policy Responsible, kopo (a)

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