Problems with Pivo digital student card

Starting last week (week 9), problems have been detected in Pivo’s digital student card. The application gives an error message that no data can be found, and the card cannot be activated, even though the student union membership fee has been paid, the right to study is valid and registration for attendance has been done. 

The problem has been reported. According to the latest information, the problem will be fixed on Tuesday 12th March. 

You can use or Slice’s digital student card so that you have at least one functioning digital student card. Digital cards can be used in parallel, so it’s good to have a backup option if there is a temporary malfunction in one of the applications.

You can activate Slice’s student card like this:


  1. Go to
  2. Select JAMKO.
  3. Fill out the form to receive an activation code (the information you provide must match the information provided to JAMKO).
  4. Download the Slice app from Google Play or the App Store.
  5. Open the app and log in.
  6. Enter the username and password (activation code) you received by email.
  7. Accept the terms of use, as the application cannot be used without it. You can also check this in your phone’s settings.

Activating the student card can be done like this:

  1. To activate the student card, go to the tab ‘student card’ in Wallet.
  2. Follow the instructions given by the application to activate the card and complete the requested information on the form.
  3. Upload a photo of yourself. Preview and supplement the information obtained from Haka, if necessary.

You can contact Pivo’s customer service for more information about the service disruption: asiakaspalvelu (at)

For other matters related to student cards or JAMKO membership, you can contact jasenpalvelu (at)

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