Memberships are back for sale, the office will open on August 11th

The data transmission issue has now been resolved and JAMKO’s new memberships are once again available in the store at

Due to the issue, the memberships purchased in July were not registered into our membership register and the membership form did not collect all necessary personal information (including the social security number, which is needed for activating the digital student card.) If you have purchased a new membership before August 3rd, you have been refunded for the purchase, and we encourage you to complete the membership joining process again. You can purchase the membership through this link.

If in July you ordered a physical student card in addition to the membership, you do not have to order a new physical card. The data transmission issue did not affect the card orders, which means that all physical student cards ordered with the memberships during July have been registered and will be printed normally. For this reason, we will only refund the price of the membership itself.

We will personally contract those who purchased our membership during July. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this issue.

Office opening hours for the fall term

Our objective is to open our office’s membership service on Wednesday 11.8. at 9 am. Based on the information currently available, the office will be open as follows:

11.-20.8. Wed-Thu 9-15, Fri 10-14
23.8.-8.10. Mon-Thu 9-15, Fri 10-14
Lunch break 11:15-12
Coffee break 13:30-13:45 (except for Fridays)

However, we are following the development of the current Covid-situation as well as the instructions by the city of Jyväskylä and JAMK. Based on these instructions, we will make changes to the office’s opening hours and visiting practices if necessary.

More info:
+358 50 3361 385

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