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The task of the Central Election Committee is to organize the Student Union Representative Council Elections, in which the members and vice members of the next year’s Representative Council are elected. There are a variety of tasks from side to side according to your own interests.

Central Election Committee

  • decides on the method of election and the timetable for the election.
  • takes care of the voting system, the voting aid app and the streaming of the supervisors.
  • organize the election panel and election night event.
  • does election marketing.
  • confirms the results of the election.

The Central Election Committee consists of a chairperson, a vice-chairperson, three full members and three vice members. The Central Election Committee is supported by JAMKO’s Executive Director and Communications Advisor.

Working in the Central Election is a unique opportunity to see up close how democracy works and to be involved in decision-making and advocacy during the study period. However, the amount of work will not be impossible, the main focus will be on holding elections in September – November. The Central Election Commission meets about 4 to 6 times during its entire term.

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  • You will gain valuable experience in organizational work, social impact, project management and marketing.
  • You will make new contacts from outside your field of education.
  • If you want, you will get a certificate of participation and an impressive entry on your resumé.

In order to join the Central election committee, you have to be JAMKO’s member, and pay the membership fee before the end of the sign up period. Good Finnish skills are beneficial in order to work fluently in the committee. Sign up to the Central Election Committee by filling in form by April 5th 11:59 p.m. The composition of the Central Election Commission will be confirmed by the Representative Council at its next meeting on April 6th.

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More information:
Chairperson of the Representative Council Peetu Luiro

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