Grumble Weeks asks about perks of remote studying and sustainability

Student Union JAMKO’s feedback concept Grumble Weeks are held from 28 March to 10 April, during which students can give feedback through an electronic questionnaire on education, teaching quality, guidance and student well-being. This year students are asked e.g. about their experiences during the pandemic and distance learning and what practices should be kept. In addition, we are curious about how sustainable development is visible in the studies.

The Grumble Weeks Tour will come on every campus during Grumble Weeks. Come and earn the official Grumble Weeks overall badge, have a cup of coffee and have a chat with JAMKO and Study Field Associations about what is going on with you and your study field! You can also participate in a raffle, where we will draw three gift certificates of 25 euros.

Unlike in previous years, the study field specific Follow up events are not held straight after the Grumble Weeks. The Follow ups will be held on all campuses during September, so that the UAS has the chance to process the feedback.

Pass on positivity to the staff
During Grumble Weeks we will once again highlight staff members who deserve special thanks for their contributions to student affairs. The aim is to highlight good practices and, above all, give positive feedback on good work. In addition to the teaching faculty, you can nominate a person for example from student services, it – services or administration. The person with the most nominations will be rewarded after Grumble Weeks, and the thanks will also be passed on to those who received them.

The online survey will be published on JAMKO’s website, social media and student intra on 28th of March.

More information on JAMKO’s website.

Something to ask? Contact:
Nilla Selänniemi, Member of the Board, Social policy, kopo (a)
Mirko Räty, Member of the Board, Educational policy, sopo (a)

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