JAMK’s main campus gets preliminary voting

Jyväskylä city hall has decided in their meeting on 5th of December to grant a preliminary voting booth to JAMK’s Rajakatu main campus. JAMKO has done extensive advocating to achieve this goal all year long and we are glad to see that students’ opinions are heard and the chances to voice them are improved. Preliminary voting concerns the municipality elections which are held on the spring of 2017.

Preliminary voting is an integral achievement for students because it makes it possible for all students to vote in the easiest location possible for them. There are a lot of students in Jyväskylä who are not citizens of Jyväskylä on paper, meaning that they are still officially residents of their home municipalities. Preliminary voting also makes it possible for these students to vote for the candidates in their home municipalities.

We want to encourage all students in Jyväskylä to vote in the municipal elections next spring. Your voice counts, it can help make your city look like you.

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