Access to the Monitoimitalo gym with a sports sticker!

Academic Sports of Jyväskylä and the City of Jyväskylä has signed an agreement whereby students and staff members with a gym sports sticker have an access to Monitoimitalo gym. You can buy a sports sticker online and pick it up from JAMKO office or University Shop SOPPI. Additionally a wristband (7 euros) is needed to the gym. You can get the wristband from the counter at the Monitoimitalo gym.

Academic Sports offers also other sports services: 60 group fitness classes, more than 40 ball game sessions every week and an access to the Kortepohja gym.

In spring 2017 you can choose from three sports sticker options according to the services you want to use:

  1. A gym sticker EUR 35 (The Kortepohja and Monitoimitalo gyms)
  2. A group fitness and ball games sticker EUR 40
  3. A combination sticker EUR 60 (the gyms, group fitness and ball games)

Go to to buy your sticker. Pick up the sticker from JAMKO’s office or the University shop Soppi (Seminaarinkatu 15) after the payment.
With an academic year 2016-2017 sports sticker you can participate in group fitness, ball games and use the Kortepohja. If you want to use the gym in Monitoimitalo, you need to buy a gym sports sticker EUR 35.

Academic Sports group fitness schedule in spring 2017
Academic Sports ball games schedule in spring 2017


Further information

Henna Törmänen
Sports coordinator
p. 0408054748

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