JAMKO’s tips for spending May Day!

1st of May celebrations a.k.a Finnish Vappu has not been cancelled!

This year you have an exceptional opportunity to spend the day home looking as you wish and not wondering if it’s too cold to go outside. May Day at home can be saved with a few small efforts and we are going to share our best tips to save the day! We wanted to cherish traditions and have been working with JYY for example to record the May Day speeches in advance and releasing those on the eve of May Day! 

27.4. Take care of your overalls and home 

Student’s May Day celebration includes overalls so you should make time to sew all the badges on them. Always comfortable and stylish overalls is the best piece of clothing to wear at home when celebrating May Day. 

After the overalls are in the best shape you should clean you home to get the party feeling. In the clean environment you can relax and enjoy other things. Put your things on their places, vacuum, take care of the dishes and clean your bathroom to make your home pretty much ready for the celebrations.

28.4. May Day quiz and supporting the locals

JAMKO’s Discord channel is opening with a modified game of alias. The game starts at 6pm so come to the channel a bit earlier. Every student from JAMK is welcome regardless of their study field. To the channel: https://discord.gg/6bNDkf3. Instructions how to start using the channel. One lucky player will win a gift card for buying delicious May Day snacks! More info about the game will be announced on the channel. 

Order May Day Delicacies

If you decided not to make the munkki (Finnish doughnuts) and sima (mead) by yourself but still want to enjoy something delicious on May Day you can always order them from a cafe or a restaurant. Support our local places by ordering a brunch set or just doughnuts from them. Here are some options for brunch and more for the celebrations: 

29.4. Participate in the first gaming session and make doughnuts 

This week we are hosting a small Skribblio tournament. Skribblio is a draw and guess game which will start with three different rooms and the winners will go straight to the finale. The tournament begins at 6pm so be on the channel a bit earlier. The link to the channel is in the 28.4. program above. In the tournament one random player will win a prize.

Make munkki’s and sima at home

If you want don’t want to order the Munkki’s, the Finnish doughnuts from a cafe or buy from the store you can always make them yourself. Making them isn’t hard so go on and buy the ingredients and start working. Here is a recipe for the doughnuts. A tip: After cooling, strain the used oil into it’s original bottle. You can use the same oil 2-3 times. Store the oil in the refrigerator. The oil can be disposed in a bottle to mixed waste.

With the doughnuts you should try Sima as well. You can get the traditional Finnish beverage from the stores but it’s best when done by yourself! With this recipe you can try it yourself.

30.4. Celebrate May Day at home!

Make a plan with your friends to have a remote meeting via Teams for example. You can tell each other how are you doing and fun stories or you can play Skribblio or Jackbox together if you like. You can also watch the recorded May Day speeches and other traditions starting at 17:30 from YouTube.

1.5. Home picnic

Prepare yourself the food you want. Buy or make for example orange juice, croissants and eggs. Put on your overalls and place your foods on the blanket in the middle of your living room or on the coffee table. Start a remote meeting with your friends or enjoy your favorite Netflix series while having the great food and beverages you had prepared! 

Happy Vappu celebrations from JAMKO’s folk!

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