JAMKO opens a Discord channel

JAMKO’s Discord channel is open! All JAMK’s students are welcome regardless of the field of study!

Discord is a user friendly application to communicate over voice and text. Joining Discord is easy, as you can use it in your computer’s browser as well as in an application that you can download to your phone or desktop. The best way is to download the app to your desktop. More info how to start using the app: How to start using Discord

On the channel will be weekly changing programs. In every JAMKO’s organized gaming session there will be one lucky winner of a stunning prize. You can among the organized gaming sessions, search for a gaming company, chat with other students, play various games with an awesome group and much more! We will announce the accurate program of the week in every monday.

This week we have two dates with games!

28.4. May Day gaming

We start the use of the channel with a modified game of alias. The game starts at 6pm so come to the channel a bit earlier. One lucky player will win a gift card for buying delicious May Day snacks! More info about the game will be announced on the channel. 

29.4. May Day gaming 

We are hosting a small Skribblio tournament. The tournament begins at 6pm so be on the channel a bit earlier. Skribblio is a draw and guess game which will start with three different rooms and the winners will go straight to the finale. In the tournament one random player will win a prize.

Start using the channel and get rid of the boredom with other students! You can join the channel with this link.

Questions? Tapahtumat@jamko.fi or vpj@jamko.fi

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