JAMKO’s membership fee increases

JAMKO’s membership fee increases starting from January 1st 2015. From the forthcoming year JAMKO’s membership fee for the whole academic year is 30 euros and semester (spring or fall) 17 euros. JAMKO’s new membership fees are patly caused SAMOK’s membership fee’s increase. New fees affect members who have joined or renewed their membership after 1.1.2015.

JAMKO’s membership can be renewed for the springtime from the 1st of January 2015 via JAMKO’s website.  However the spring membership sticker can be collected from 7th of January 2015, when JAMKO opens its office after Christmas break. Membership of fall semester is valid until the end of January 2015 and the whole academic year’s membership until the end of September 2015.

More info about the membership fee increase: puheenjohtaja(a)jamko.fi
More info about the memberships and how to join: opiskelijasihteeri(a)jamko.fi

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