New website is published!

The reformation process of JAMKO’s website is on the final stretch and the new website is published. The reform aims to improve the usability, access to information and navigation on the website. In addition JAMKO has taken a special interest to different medias of communication and for example JAMKO’s blog has been brought on to the new website with all of the other social media channels. Text content has been reduced and outlined to be more structured. The fresh visual design is designed to stand time. Photographs of JAMKO’s events are a great part of the visual design. The photos are mainly taken by Lauri Kaivo-oja and Joonas Tikkanen. Digital advertising agency MEOM is behind the implementation of the new website.

Important information such as trusteeship and free time activities are still available on JAMKO’s website as well as membership services, feedback channel, survival kit and final thesis book binding services. The new website does not affect the orders of student cards or final thesis book bindings made previously via JAMKO’s old website.

Feedback is welcome.

More information:

Communications and trusteeship secretary
Anna Tarvainen-Illi
452 078 110

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