JAMKO’s Board of 2015

JAMKO’s new Board of 2015 has dealt the areas of responsibilities. The new Chairperson of the Board is Niina Lampi and the Vice is Chair Iina Mustalampi. Lampi has been the tutor responsible in the Board of 2014. Mustalampi has been the Board member responsible for culture and entertainment in this year. Seven members of the JAMKO Board were elected and the areas of responsibility of the board has been decided as follows:

Ilona Palonen, social policy
Heikki Lamula, educational policy

Taija Minkkinen, international tutoring
Jenni Sanisalo, peer and degree tutoring

Terttu Salonen, international Club
Juha Salmi, sports
Tiia Kolu, culture and entertainment

In the upcoming term the Chairperson of the Representatives is Otto Martikainen and The Vice Chairperson is Jarno Välinen. The new Board and the Representatives start their term in the beginning of January. The Board members and the Chairpersons of the Representatives council can be reached via e-mail: firstname.lastname@jamko.fi.

More information:
Executive director
Hannu Järvistö
044 3211600

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