JAMKO’s actives for 2015 chosen

JAMKO’s new board for 2015 was elected on Thursday Nov 27th at the organising meeting of the Representatives. The Chairperson of the Board for the year 2015 is Niina Lampi, a third year occupational therapy student. She is responsible for peer and degree tutoring in the current Board. The Representatives elected Iina Mustalampi as the Vice Chair of the Board for the term 2015. Mustalampi is a third year service management student. Mustalampi elected to her post by ballot.

Members of the Board in 2015 are Tiia Kolu, Jenni Sanisalo, Heikki Lamula, Ilona Palonen, Terttu Salonen, Taija Minkkinen, Juha Salmi. The areas of responsibility the Board will decide in their first board meeting.

The Representatives elected Otto Martikainen, a second year international business student, as the new Chairperson of the Representatives’ council and Jarno Välinen as the Vice Chairperson for 2015. Välinen studies engineering for the first year.  In addition, the Representatives elected the student members to JAMK UAS’ working groups. The New Representatives council, Board and the student members of the working groups start their term January 1st 2015.

The Board and the Representatives follow the events of the higher education field, informs, reports, takes stands.  In addition the Board organizes different services and events for the students. All Board members and the Representatives are JAMK students working in the position of trust based on voluntariness.


Further information:

Hannu Järvistö

JAMKO’s executive director

+358 44 3211 600


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