JAMKO: The lack of resources is not just a problem of FSHS, it is nationwide

Student union JAMKO is certainly concerned about the organization of students’ mental health services and its current state in Finland. There is congestion in all Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) locations, but Jyväskylä is one of the busiest, as there are simply not enough psychologists in Jyväskylä. There are simply no human resources and the problems with the organization of health services are more complex than they seem. The lack of resources is not just a problem of FSHS, it is nationwide.

UAS students recently joined the FSHS and a completely unpredictable global pandemic has complicated the new situation. The co-operation between Universities of Applied Sciences and FSHS is constantly being developed and the Student Union is influencing the organization of health services for UAS students by participating in the FSHS delegation and monitoring the interests of students within the organization. We want to ensure that our actions do not damage the long-established cooperation or the position of students in Universities of Applied Sciences. Similar concerns also arose when thinking about the strike by social and health care workers.

We participated in the Student Mental Health Day organized by Nyyti Ry on April 11-13. by making student needs, student well-being services and resource shortages visible on social media. We have published e.g. a statement on the subject. The compliment walls of Rajakatu and Dynamo are related to the theme of the Mental Health Day, that is compassion. We want to show that students are not alone, even if it sometimes feels like it. We feel that sustainable study ability and good mental health is also a matter of the whole community, and in this way we try to bring it to the attention of campuses as well.

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