Students’ mental health day promotes compassion

The campaign, coordinated by Nyyti ry, is a student mental health day on April 13, 2022, and this year’s theme is compassion. Nyyti ry will publish content related to the topic on its social media for a week starting on 7.4. continuing until 14.4.. The main aim of the campaign is to take notice the mental health of the students, to stimulate discussion about it and to get others to participate.

The events of the past years have had a significant impact on the students’ lives. Due to the prolonged Covid-19 period, studies have been either in full or in part as a distance learning. The new locality and the new school have brought some challenges, and the grouping has not been so smooth, as it is hard to name your classmates’ faces. These have the effect of making you feel lonely and that it is difficult to get support.

The campaign wants to remind you that no one is alone, even if it might feel that way. The aim of the campaign is to increase the power of compassion. When we are compassionate about ourselves and others, we can  face others more openly and be more merciful to ourselves. You can find more information about how self-compassion prevents burn out from Nyyti’s website.

JAMKO participates in the campaign publishing content on social media on the April 11th to the 13th. We have also put up a wall of compliments at JAMKO Café and Dynamo Lobby, where you can write compliments – to a friend, a teacher or even yourself!

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Did you know that there are several student well-being promoting services in Jamk community, that you can contact if needed?

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