JAMKO resigns from the Finnish Students Sports Federation

At its meeting on 10 November 2021, Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences’ student union JAMKO’s Representative Council has decided to resign from the Finnish Students Sports Federation (OLL). The Finnish Students Sports Federation is a student and sports organization that promotes the interests of Finnish students in the field of sports. OLL carries out trusteeship work at the national and international level and supports the local sports advocacy of its member organizations.

The operating opportunities and finances of student unions have weakened within a few years due to competition, lack of resources and declining membership numbers. The current Covid-19 situation has also changed the activities of student unions. Student organizations are in a situation where stabilizing and maintaining local core operations means a critical examination of the entire field of activity and its economic impact.

JAMKO’s decision to resign from the Finnish Students Sports Federation is purely financial, and it is very unfortunate that JAMKO will have to give up the support provided by OLL. With the membership fee, JAMKO intends to develop local well-being events for students.

The resignation came as a surprise to JAMKO’s Board. The Board held a test vote about the membership of OLL. The Board’s position was that JAMKO would remain as a member. The opinion of JAMKO’s Board was brought to the attention of the Representative Council, but the result of the vote of the Representative Council was the opposite. In their meeting on Nov 10th, the Representative Council voted in favor of resigning from OLL by 11 to 3 votes.

The student union JAMKO thanks the Finnish Students Sports Federation for years of cooperation and for what they have done for the well-being of JAMKO and Jyväskylä university students.

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Niklas Sillander
Chairperson of JAMKO representatives council
040 1929937

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