JAMKO asks students to avoid all gatherings and mass events

Due to the worsening Covid 19 -situation in Jyväskylä, the student union JAMKO is asking all students to avoid gatherings and mass events for the time being.

JAMKO has not organized contact events and in accordance with the recommendations, will not organize them in the near future. The student union wants to emphasize that everyone has to act responsibly in order to improve the situation and to avoid infections from spreading in the student community. 

– We know that most students act responsibly. However, every individual’s actions affect the well-being and health of the entire community. In order to contain the situation with the virus, we ask students to still avoid mass gatherings because they are not safe in the current situation, says the chairperson of JAMKO’s board Stella Palassalo.

In addition, JAMKO encourages students to get tested for the coronavirus even in the case of mild symptoms, and when there is any reason whatsoever to suspect an infection. 

There is an opportunity to get tested freely on Saturday the 30th at the following testing sites:

  • at 10–12 Myllyjärvi, Myllyjärventie 10, Suoja building’s parking lot
  • at 13–14 Ristonmaa, Salontaipaleentie 6, fire station’s parking lot


More information:

Stella Palassalo, chairperson of the board
+358 44 3211 500, pj(a)jamko.fi

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