Gym’s development proceeds

We asked and you answered! A survey on the condition of JAMKO´s gym, located at Rajakatu Main Campus, was done during April and you enthusiastic gym goers took the opportunity and we received 56 answers and lot of feedback on the state of the gym. It is clear the gym needs improvement

The gym committee has started analyzing the results and the report and planning of new purchases is in progress. At the moment four main themes are clearly present. There is great demand for bigger dumbbells, active lifter grows out of 30kg weights quickly. Also more options for leg workouts are needed. Another squat rack or smith/hack rack is high on the wishlist. The lack of pre-workout aerobic machines is another clear theme to be improved on. People want more options and more maintenance. We also received several individual ideas for improvements and additions to the gym´s selection.

At the moment, we don’t have the budget to make all the purchases requested, but thanks to your answers we now have solid data to back up the need for increased expenditure on the gym for the coming years.

JAMKOs gym committee will continue its work and will develop a three-tier development plan for the gym, which can be used as a basis for new purchases. And maintenance services have been ordered for this spring!

Thank you all for answering the survey!

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JAMKOs gym committee
Juha Salmi
Otto Martikainen

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