Grumble Weeks’ reports are published

The annual Grumble Weeks was held from March 9th until March 16th 2020. During this time, a total of 376 JAMK students responded to the survey. The students of tourism and service business were most active in relation to their headcount, about 10% of the students gave feedback. There were varied respondents from every field, both contact and multiform studying as well as bachelor and masters – degrees. This year, there was a lot of feedback on the quality of teaching and the state of digital learning environments. Many students would like more consistency in these as well as current content. Students have also become concerned about the adequacy of resources for study psychologists. As a positive side several students also feel that they receive sufficient support for their studies.

Grumble Weeks had an open opportunity to vote for a staff member of the year. Many received votes, but Petra Blinnikka, a lecturer from tourism and service business, received the most nominations. She was described as professional, interested in her work, considerate towards students and always ready to help. Piia Hynynen, Pekka Varis, Ville Kotimäki and Teemu Pölkki also got several positive comments.

Grumble weeks’ Follow up events were held by field from March 31 to April 2. In the follow-up, JAMKO members presented summaries of the answers in each field. For the first time, the events were held remotely via Zoom. It got a lot of positive feedback and more participants than usual. 

The feedback has been compiled into field specific reports and the public one’s have been published on JAMKO’s website. The directors of departments and JAMK UAS’ quality teams will receive their own reports that contain all the open feedback.

Grumble Weeks’ reports published in Finnish here

More info on Grumble Weeks in English here

Further information: 
Niki Niemelä
Member of the Board, Educational policy, kopo (a)

Elisa Vikman
Member of the Board, Social policy, sopo (a)

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