Get a boost from Well-being week!

During JAMKO’s Well-being Week, 3. – 7.10. In 2022, we are actively looking for a physical, mental and social well-being through diverse happenings and events. The program planned for JAMK UAS students. The program is generally free, with one exception, but several events require pre-registration due to limited places. All events are alcohol-free.

Take a peek of the event week below and check JAMKO’s event calendar for additional information and registration details.


Monday 3.10.

Board games and tortillas!

Come and spend a relaxed evening getting to know new people while doing something nice at JAMKO Café starting 4 pm. JAMKO and the mentors organizes a board game evening with tortillas and other snacks. No pre-registration.


Tuesday 4.10.

Game Recess

JAMKO’s Game Recess offers the opportunity to come and play with friends or other students in the top-level e-sports facilities at GamePit Pro on Rajakatu 2 pm – 4 pm. JAMKO offers a little treat for those who arrive early. No pre-registration.

 Aromatherapy to supporting study abilities

The essential oils obtained from various plants and fruits affect our well-being psychologically and physically in a gentle way. Essential oils can relieve e.g. symptoms of stress, tension, headaches, fatigue or enhance concentration naturally. Let’s get to know a few essential oils suitable for the purpose and concrete ways to use them safely in everyday life. JAMKO Café from 4 pm to 6 pm. Advance registration. Event mainly in Finnish. 

 Guided gym class

Take up a new hobby or fall in love with an old friend! In the fall of 2022, JAMKO will organize a guided gym workout once a week in cooperation with Academic Sports. You’ll find new ways to train or use the equipment. The event is for JAMKO members or those who have the Academic Sports’ sticker. From 5 pm – 6 pm at JAMKO gym. Advance registration.

Free sports shift

Come and join JAMKO’s sports shift at the Main Campus’ sports hall from 6 to 8 p.m. The purpose of the shift is to play and exercise together in a relaxed atmosphere. We play floorball for the first hour and volleyball for the second. No pre-registration.


Wednesday 5.10

Well-being stands

Meet JAMKO’s actives and Jamk UAS well-being staff at Dynamo and Rajakatu from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. Get information from the stands, e.g. how JAMKO can support you in your everyday life and what services are available from Jamk. In addition, spin the wheel of fortune with tasty snacks and a good mood.

Education Policy is the best policy – trusteeship event

How can we influence common matters in school? Education policy expert and Tarmo and JAMKO alumni Antti Paunonen opens up the theme for us through practical examples from 3 pm to 5 pm at JAMKO Café. Advance registration. Event is mainly in Finnish


Thursday 6.10

Students’ sauna shift

Come wash away your everyday worries at the Well – being Week’s sauna event at Lutakko starting from 5 p.m! Two open sauna shifts, fun things to do and snacks. The event is alcohol-free. Sauna fee for JAMKO members 2€, for others 7€. Pre-registation. 


Friday 5.10

JAMKO goes City of Light

Come along with us to tour around Jyväskylä and enjoy the lights and autumn atmosphere of the City of Light event. The City of Light is an event that has already become a tradition, during which the city of Jyväskylä shines with beautiful lights and colors. Departure from hotel Alba.


More information, pre-registration and tickets in the event calendar

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