Continuing student, memberships expire Sept 30th!

Continuing student, please bear in mind that the memberships for 2021-2022 academic year expire on 30th September 2022, so don’t forget to renew your membership for this academic year!

You can pay your membership fee for the 2022-2023 academic year here.

If you’ve got a physical student card, you can pick up a new validation sticker for your card from the JAMKO office. After you have paid your membership fee online. Please remember to bring your student card with you so the sticker can be attached on your card.

If you’re unable to visit our office in person, for example due to a long distance, you can also pick up your sticker from one of our partner Students’ Unions in various cities across Finland (mostly in The Greater Helsinki area and Turku). Please note, you must have paid your membership fee online beforehand. You may also send your student card by post to JAMKO office and we will attach the validation sticker on your card before sending it back to you. More info here.

Your digital student card will update automatically.

If you’re going to graduate at the end of the year or enroll as absent for the spring term, you can get the membership for autumn term only. However, if your studies will continue in spring, you can renew your membership for the spring term in January.

Detailed instructions on how to renew your membership can be found here 

Any questions? Get in touch: jasenpalvelu (at)

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