Expand your horizons! IC team recruitment

Do you want to experience more and be in the heart of a team that organizes different events and trips? Do you want to commit yourself to a good cause? Do you want to expand your horizon, to meet new people? Have you always wanted to be a global citizen?

You can achieve all of the above and more by applying to International Club team! You will get a certificate of working in the team and you can add it to your CV. If you are a tutor you can get 27 optional tutoring hours.

IC team´s responsibilities include creating themes for events, making the questions for Burger Nights, helping with quizzes and prizes, marketing IC and IC events and trips, working in different events (Burger Nights, IC Beach Picnic, Tuesday Clubs etc.)

The applying period open from 11 to 29 of March! And tell in the application why YOU are the best candidate, what are your strengths in event planning and how much time you can give to IC team work. All the applicants will be interviewed.

Send a free form application with a picture of yourself to ic(a)jamko.fi by 29th of March

Recruitment on Facebook

More information: IC responsible Terttu Salonen, ic(a)jamko.fi

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