Student financial aid for summer – information session

Student financial aid for summer – information session addresses the criteria and the applying process to receive student financial aid for the summer. In addition the summer studies offered by JAMK and the signing up will be covered. You will receive tips how you can speed up your graduation process during the summer. Also the changes of student financial aid will be discussed.

The information sessions are mainly held in Finnish, but are open to all. If you are an international student and entitled to Finnish student financial aid, you will receive more detailed help in English from JAMK’s Student Financial Aid Advisor, Irja Kerälampi, email:, phone: +358 40 848 8605

The information sessions

Mon 23.3. 8.30am -9.30am and 2pm -3pm, Rajakatu, Auditorium Tulikari
Tue 24.3. 11.15am -12pm, Piippukatu, Dynamo’s auditorium,
Thu 26.3. 12pm-1pm, Saarijärvi, Tarvaala, LUVA,

Thu 26.3. 4pm-5pm, Pitkäkatu 18-22, room 125
Fri 27.3. 8.15am-9.15am Rajakatu, room BP05

You can participate to any of the information sessions or more than one for revision.

More information:

JAMK Student Financial Aid Advisors
Irja Keralampi and Katja Räsänen

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