Exercise at home with Academic Sports

You can workout at home through Academic Sports online services


Yogobe is an online video streaming service. Yogobe is your considerate guide and a digital destination for sustainable health and wellness with Scandinavia’s leading teachers, instructors and experts. You can yoga, meditate, workout or relax wherever and whenever.

You can activate Yogobe service by purchasing Academic Sports sports sticker. In spring 2020 it is included in all sports course fees as well. After the payment, send an e-mail to korkeakoululiikunta@jyu.fi with title “Yogobe”. You will receive an instructions and a personal code on which you can sign up to the online service at www.yogobe.com/en. Please notice, that we will deal the requests from Mon-Fri between 8am-4pm.

If you have participated an Academic Sports course in spring 2020 we offer you Yogobe free of charge. This doesn’t include to the sports course with credits, only the sports courses with additional fee. You can get your personal code to Yogobe service by following the instructions above. Please add the name of the course you have participated in spring 2020 when sending the message.

uMove goes YouTube

uMove goes YouTube is Academic Sports’ new online home workout video service. Academic Sports own group fitness instructors are giving you tips and entire workouts on the videos we post in YouTube channel.

uMove goes YouTube is available for all our clients free of charge.

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