Digital student card Pivo is delayed until late February

Digital student card Frank that introduced fees, will not be offered as JAMKO membership card starting Spring 2019. Contrary to previous announcements, the implementation of the new digital student indentifier Pivo will be delayed to the end of February due to the difficulties in system’s schedule. The new Pivo student card is available to be activated from Feb 28th 2019, not from Jan 1st as previously notified.

In the meantime JAMKO’s members have the possibility to use the digital student card and it’s digital services via Frank, to accompany JAMKO’s own student card. Frank’s digital student identifier is subjected to a charge, and it is offered only as a digital service to JAMKO members, not in physical cards.

JAMKO will inform more about the development, scheduled change and the introduction of the new digital student card Pivo later on.

More info
Mikael Rauhansalo, Subsitute Executive Director, toiminnanjohtaja(a), 0443211600

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