Changes in the management rules of JAMK UAS

The Polytechnics Act came into effect at the beginning of the year 2015 and due to the act JAMK is considered as a limited company. The Polytechnic act obliged JAMK to renew its management rules to be in standard with the act. Earlier JAMK had a JAMK University of Applied Sciences Ltd. Board of Directors and an Academic Board. Students had their representative in the Academic Board. The new student member of JAMK University of Applied Sciences Ltd. Board of Directors was chosen by election last fall and the students elected Olli Molander to be their representative. Instead of the Academic Board JAMK has now a Board of Study Issues. The members confirm degree regulations and curriculums, handle corrections in student selections and study entitlements, decide the schedule for the academic year and handle student feedback. The Chairperson of the Board of Study Issues is JAMK’s Rector and the secretary is the head of student services. The other members are vice rector, the chairperson of JAMK’s Board of Examiners, two student representatives and two staff representatives who were chosen by the rector. Student Union JAMKO’s representatives council chose JAMKO’s Executive Director Hannu Järvistö and JAMKO’s Chairperson of the Board Niina Lampi to be their representatives in the Board of Study Issues. The decision was made at their last plenary session on Feb 18th.

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Niina Lampi
Chairperson of the Board

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