Design a celebratory overall badge for JAMKO

Student union JAMKO celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2020! This year will be filled with events that mark the eventful and persistent career of taking care of students well-being and developing trusteeship. We also celebrate the students, alumnus and partners who have been a part of JAMKO’s journey.

As part of the celebrations JAMKO announces an overall badge contest and the final results are in the hands of students. 

Design an overall badge that highlights the 20 years of JAMKO. The pattern, style and shape is up to you. The competition time is Nov 5th – Nov 17th. After that JAMKO’s panel will select 5 badges for the students to vote the winner from. The voting time is from 25th of November to 1st of December. 


The celebratory badge will be announced on 2nd of December. The designer of the winning badge will receive a 50€ gift card, an invitation and dinner card to the main event of the year, JAMKO’s 20th anniversary gala held on October 10th 2020 and the finished overall badge. 

  • The widest part of the finished badge is max. 9 centimetres. 
  • The designs submitted to the competition must be made for this purpose only.
  • The designer must own all the rights to the artwork used in the badge.
  • The winner of the competition will submit all the rights to use the badge to the Student Union.
  • The badge can be designed by hand or with a design programme or app, but the final work must be delivered in electronic form in jpg – format.
  • Designer can submit several designs, but only one design per designer will proceed to the final voting.

Send the design (or several designs each in their own file), designers contact information and a short introduction of the badge to the address by Nov 17th.

The celebratory badge will be distributed in different events and contests in 2020. There will be a limited amount of the badges so follow the celebrations from the beginning of the year. 

More information on the competition

Kiia Pöyhönen
Board member, events

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