Representatives for 2020 chosen

The highest authority of Student Union JAMKO has been chosen in Representatives’ election 2019. Voting turnout of this year’s election was 14 percent. 3926 students were entitled to vote from which 562 students voted. The voting turnout last year was 20 percent. Majority of the Finnish Student Union’s have the same election date Nov 11th.

“ The decreasing numbers of voting turnout and candidates indicate a great demand to clarify the role and the work of the Representatives in the JAMK UAS. The new council must take responsibility for this and must initiate the work at the beginning of their term”, says Teemu Oja-Lipasti, the chairperson of the central election committee.

21 actual members were chosen from 35 candidates. The amount of seats of each alliance is listed below (actual member + vice member). The alliances own voting turnout from the whole percentage is presented after the seats.

Insinööriopiskelijat 5 + 1, 23 %
Jyväskylän tradenomiopiskelijat Konkurssi 5 + 3, 21 %
Jyväskylän sosiaali- ja terveysalan opiskelijat ry Jasto 4 + 0, 20 %
MatkaRaTa 3 + 1, 13 %
Legendat 2 + 4, 8 %
International coalition 1 + 1, 4 %
Jyväskylän keskustaopiskelijat JOK 0 + 2, 3 %
Opiskelevat kokoomuslaiset 0 + 1, 0 %
Sitoutumattomat, 1 + 1, 8 %

The vote-pullers, candidates who collected the most of the votes were Jasto’s Elsa Hieta with 61 votes and Insinööriopiskelijat – alliances Lassi Halkosaari with 37 votes. In the forthcoming term Insinööriopiskelijat increases their seats with one and Konkurssi loses three of their actual seats. Jasto gains three seats. Matkarata and Legendat maintain their amount of representatives and International coalition gain a seat as a new alliance. One of non – aligned candidates gained a seat. JOK loses their actual member in the representatives and Opiskelevat kokoomuslaiset did not receive a seat in the representatives.

The newly elected representatives’ council organizes on 18th of November. The combination of the Representatives might change if the members are selected to JAMKO’s Board. New representatives begin their term 1st of January 2020.

More information and the official results 

More information:
Chairperson of JAMKO’s representatives and central election committee 2019
Mr. Teemu Oja-Lipasti
p. 0400 798200,

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