Answers to JAMKO’s grumbles

JAMKO’s feedback concept Grumble Weeks were held during March 14th and 25th, during which 296 surveys were submitted. We have gathered the most common ones concerning JAMKO and replied to them.

Why aren’t JAMKO Cafe’s opening hours on JAMKO’s website?

JAMKO Cafe’s opening hours can be found on our websites under this link. We inform about the changes in the Weekly Overview and on Facebook. In the future we will inform you better about possible changes to opening hours.

Why aren’t there enough tutors for every study field?

JAMKO’s tutoring is based on students voluntarily applying for the tutoring study module. The tutors are selected based on group interviews. We encourage students from all study fields to apply for tutoring and every year we try to ensure that all study fields have enough tutors. Unfortunately we don’t have enough applicants from all study fields every year. On top of aspiring to have enough tutors, our goal is that our tutoring has the best quality possible and that our tutors are active. Due to this we cut the candidates that don’t show up to the tutor interviews without notifying anything. Tutoring is a responsible task and it is important to us that our tutors are elected with care and precision.

Why the overalls that were ordered last fall were poorly manufactured?

Unfortunately last falls overalls had some mistakes that JAMKO couldn’t impact on. JAMKO complained about these mistakes to the overall producer but due to the great amount of the overalls it was impossible to replace the flawed ones. This year several producers have been invited to bid and it seems that we are going to change to producer. We aim for every student to have a possibility for student priced overalls with good quality that can be used with pride through study time.

JAMKO’s activity is focused on the main campus. Why JAMKO is not as visible on every campus?

JAMKO’s action is to represent every student on JAMK no matter on which campus they study on. Unfortunately our resources are limited for us to be physically on every campus. Our office is on Rajakatu’s campus but we can be found on other campus’ many times a year during example Representatives election and Grumble weeks. We are also actively in contact with study field associations to get to know what happens in different campus’. JAMKO’s visibility and awareness is important to us and we can think of different ways to improve that.

Why there are so few student discounts for Tarvaala’s students?

We understand the concern about student discounts near Tarvaala’s campus but as JAMKO we are currently working to improve our student benefits.

JAMKO’s gym must absolutely be improved

We made a survey concerning the state of JAMKO’s gym last year and based on that we have planned some changes and improvements for the gym. Some changes have already been made last year for the overall look of the gym but there are still some bigger improvements to be made.

Equal communication about JAMKO’s events

From Grumble weeks’ feedback we found out that students want more balanced marketing between different events and campuses. JAMKO’s event’s are marketed through different channels and all the basic info can be found on our website. We also communicate via JAMKO’s social media channels. By following those you can easily get information about our events and other things.

It’s true that our smaller non-alcoholic events get easily overruled by our biggest events since those bigger events have usually different goals considering visitors and the result. Anyhow that shouldn’t define the resources we use to each event and it’s a thing we should definitely pay attention to. We can also take different campuses in notice better as we plan our actions on later so that our services can be achieved equally. So far we have already took different campuses in count as we have distributed our event posters and kept pre-ticket sales points.

Why does JAMKO make political statements not directly related to students or student life?

Politics is taking care of issues together. JAMKO’s task as a student union is to protect our students’ rights and advocate for them. Most of our advocacy happens inside JAMK, but we also work outside of school among many current societal issues. JAMKO’s task is to equally represnt all of it’s member and take a stand on issues that can be linked to students as citizens and members of society such as equality and safety. Independency for JAMKO foremost means that JAMKO won’t stand behind any political ideologies, such as political parties, but advocating for universal moral and ethical values is something we are all responsible for. JAMKO’s board has JAMKO’s student representative’s mandate to represent all students in JAMK, but JAMKO’s student representative is the one to say the last word on what JAMKO’s opinions on different matters are. If you want to make a difference to these statements, everyone is welcome to JAMKO’s student representative’s meetings, to vote or be a candidate in the student representative elections.

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