Academic Sports autumn started – Now even more options for exercise

Academic Sports in Jyväskylä offers students a plenty of opportunities for physical exercise. Autumn term started September 9th.

Exercise with your friends, colleagues or family

The U2 sports hall is open in weekends from 9 a.m. to 12 noon, and you can play there badminton, also with a person from outside of the academic community. Saturday morning is reserved for users with a sports sticker and Sunday morning for the staff of JYU and JAMK.

On the last Thursday of each month, you can also try salsa with a partner. In salsa only other dancer needs to have the sports sticker. For more information on salsa.

Free campus jogging starts on Friday, 13 September at 7 from the campus sports field in front of the U2 sports hall. Jogging takes place on four Fridays.

 How to access sports classes and sessions?

The weekly schedule of Academic Sports includes almost 100 group fitness classes and ball games sessions on every day of the week. By buying a sports sticker you can also use the Monitoimitalo and Rentukka gyms. The sticker also includes Yogobe, an online training app.
The sports sticker costs €60 for the whole academic year or €40 for the autumn term.
You can participate in our group fitness classes and ball games free during 16-22 of September 2019.

See the Academic Sports offering:
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More information
Henna Törmänen
Sports Coordinator
040 805 4748

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