JAMKOs board chosen for the end of 2019

Student union of Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences JAMKO’s representatives chose the new Board for the rest of year 2019 in their meeting on Sept 10th. According to student union’s rules the whole board resigns while the chairperson of the board resigns.

The new chairperson of the Board is agrology student Antti Paunonen, who was previously in charge of educational affairs. Juho Niemelä continues as the vice chairperson.

Emma Ahonen, Pekka Mannermaa, Nea Tiihonen, Kiia Pöyhönen, Elisa Vikman and Alex Vinter continue as JAMKO’s Board members. Newcomers are Julia Enlund and Pape Purhonen. The responsibilities of the new Board will be defined on Sept 19th in the board meeting.

JAMKOs new Board will start its duties immediately and new persons will be schooled to their tasks. The Board and the Representatives are monitoring and improving students rights at Jyväskylä UAS’ working groups as well as municipal and national level.

More info:
Chairperson Antti Paunonen
+358 44 3211 500, pj(a)jamko.fi

Executive director Hannu Järvistö
+358 44 3211 600, toiminnanjohtaja(a)jamko.fi

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