About mentoring

Writer: Marika Väisänen

I started studying in JAMK in Bachelor of Hospitality Management program in autumn 2019. It became clear during my first year that tutoring could be my thing because I’ve been working as a workplace instructor at my job and helping others is a natural thing for me. Mentoring seemed a natural transition because I wanted to continue working on what became familiar, while also collecting credits.

As a mentor, I’ve gotten to be involved in a wide variety of events. I’ve kept up with my own group of students with whom I started as a tutor. I participated in the start of their school year and sought to help when needed based on my own experiences. I have also attended Hype coffees in Rajakatu and provided individual assistance in studies at the request of student counsellor. I have been able to follow the meeting of JAMK guidance and wellbeing actors (Hype team) and share experiences there, for example, of YTHS services. I also got to keep a working point at a distance training session (tursajaiset) and participate in tutoring supervising, which is piloted by JAMKO during the current school year.

Mentoring, as far as I’m concerned, is like tutoring, but more independent and free. We have been offered appointments suitable for mentoring from JAMKO’s team, in which participation has been based on personal interests. Mentors are not assigned anyone to mentor, but naturally I have kept up with my own group, which naturally always takes networking further.

Professional life skills become more familiar with mentoring. Networking and cooperation with different actors always gives something to the bottom of the pocket, even if there is report on the hand. Meeting different people and learners will foster a view of what kind of understanding and know-how I may need in the future to be an even better judge of character and co-worker.

Mentoring has been easy and hasn’t interfered with other studies at all. I definitely recommend applying to be a mentor, because in this job you get to go places and get to know wonderful people. Alltough there are only a few mentors in JAMK, the amount of the work isn’t bad at all. In this job, you get to decide for yourself what to take part in and how much to benefit from this. Mentoring is nice things with nice people!


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