What does a trusteeship group?

My name is Niina and I am 23 years old Finnish girl. I am a third-year occupational therapy student in JAMK and this year I am the chairperson of the JAMKO’s board. Most of my time I am answering to email which I get quite a lot but I am also in charge of my board during this year.

With our board’s persons in charge of social policy, educational policy, peer tutoring and degree and international tutoring we form the trusteeship group. You may only see so called “tip of the iceberg” when we are talking about trusteeship. And that is why I try to explain you what is happening behind the scenes. The most remarkable trusteeship is done by our fabulous tutors. Those are the peer students who has been in the same situation with you and they can help you with the basic problems in your studies.

Our trusteeship work is based on JAMK’s degree regulations, ethical principles and the university of applied sciences law. So it has been written into the law that every university of applied sciences must have a student union. We aim to improve our students well-being and education. Also when in need we are the voice of all the students in JAMK.

One way to make sure that students’ voice will be heard is our Grumble Weeks. It is an easy way to tell us what kind of problems you are struggling with. In case someone feels bullied or misused they are always allowed to contact us in person.

In JAMK we have a lot of different kind of working groups where the students’ have their representatives making sure that all the decisions are thoughtful and student friendly. You can find more information of what we do from our website and JAMKO’s trusteeship newsletter called Ajankohtainen JAMKOnen.


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