Well-being week 8 – 12.10

Well-being week is here soon. But what is well-being week?

It is a week, when universities in Jyväskylä concentrate on student well-being. Different well-being operatives in academic sports, HUMAK, JYU and JAMK plan and produce some small well-being activities through upcoming week. But the big point is to make students think about their well-being. Because it is important thing to take care your well-being. There are multiple ways to take care of yourself, and it is important to find the best way what is suitable. If it is exercising or hanging out with your buddies, you should do it every time you feel like it. Because that is how you take care of your mind. If you like to hang out with your buddies, doing it is like stretching before running. You need to do those things to keep yourself going. Sometimes something might happen to you when you are running, and in that situation, stretching might help. Same goes with your mind. Remember to do those things what makes you happy. And if sometimes it feels that school takes too much time, then especially you must make sure that your mind gets enough “stretching” to get yourself through that busy time.

Well-being week tells important things about mental well-being, but there is also useful info about physical well-being. The importance of your physical well-being is important in long run. Now when you are young, you might not think about that, but maybe you should? There are multiple studies that shows how doing some exercise in young age helps you when you are older. So now when we have got this school rhythm going, would there be a great chance to start maybe some new hobby here in Jyväskylä? There are multiple choses for that! So take your time, and look up for possible hobbies.

But these are the things, what well-being week is going to be all about. The main thing is that take care of yourself, and remember to enjoy life.

Ville Laitinen


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