Together to the safer and brighter spring

Old and new students, welcome to the campuses! Congratulations to the all new students of Jamk! We hope you had a relaxing break before the studies kicked off.

Many students might have worries about the future– prices of electricity rising, prices of food rising and the war in Ukraine. There will be some relief for students that are entitled to Finnish social benefits, for ex. student financial aid. More about them you can read here

Invisible fears might also be relevant: fear of getting bullied, fear of burnout or fear of discrimination. In a Finnish study of the health of university students they found that depression and anxiety has increased among students. In the same study they found out that 7% of the students have experienced bullying sometimes to often. In the UAS or university the bullying can be degrading talk about someone’s studies, leaving someone out of the group or making fun of someone. 

If you experience mental health problems, worries or bullying, you can talk to the study psychologists, school pastor or the HyPe team. HyPe team has study psychologists, school pastor and study counselors and they can be seen on the campuses. You will find more information here.

The spring semester will be full of happy and exciting events. We hope that every student takes care of others and does not leave anyone alone. During the fall, students at the LAB University of Applied Sciences in Lahti have brought up the cases of drugging incidents they have experienced at various student events. JAMKO’s advisors or board members have not heard about these kinds of drug cases in Jyväskylä recently. However, that does not eliminate the fact that these things also happen in Jyväskylä’s nightlife. In order for each of us to be able to take care of ourselves and each other, it is good to recognize the signs of intoxication and know where help is available. If you think you have been attacked, let your friend or employee know. This way, they can make sure you’re getting help, even if you loose your ability to function. You can also call the emergency number 112. Seek help from the hospital’s emergency room to get tested for any drugs.  

If you face bullying, harassment or discrimination, you can contact study field association’s or JAMKO’s harrassment contact person. More about those can be read from here

This year, let’s remember to be kind to each other and intervene in bullying and inappropriate treatment if we notice it. JAMKO and it’s actives are also there for you!

See you on campuses, in events and online!

Lauri Kujala, Chairperson of the Board

Noora Hakonen, member of the board, social policy

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