The voting of the Representatives election starts

Voting period of JAMKO’s representatives election starts on Oct 28th. This year 36 students from 8 different coalitions stand as candidates in the Representatives election of JAMKO. 2 candidates signed as non-aligned. The candidates are presented in JAMKO’s election site and starting from week 43 in voting aid app. 21 members and 21 vice members are chosen to the Representatives for the year 2020. JAMKO’s members can affect the results by voting. The voting is carried out by JAMKO’s members via an online link which is sent to their school emails.Voting period lasts until November 6th 3pm.

By voting voters affect to matters that are important to them and the fellow students. Members of representatives decide for example the cost of membership of JAMKO and the action plan of the board of JAMKO. In addition they make a difference in everyday matters in the UAS community via different working groups. JAMKO encourages every student to vote and make an impact on things that are important at our community. Candidates and coalitions are encouraged also to campaign actively.

Election results will be published at the election night event on Nov 6th and posted on JAMKO’s election site

Further information and support in campaigning:
Central Election Committee

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