Students’ union calls for equal practises in Jamk facility management

Tuesday Jan 23st., an event will be held at Jamk’s Lutakko campus in connection with the Jussi Halla-aho presidential campaign of the local organisations of Perussuomalaiset. The speaker will be Teemu Keskisarja, Member of Parliament. Keskisarja has gained notoriety for controversial statements regarding students, including biased and inaccurate claims. For instance Finnish student healthcare service FSHS has been forced to join the debate when Mr Keskisarja has encouraged students to wash down their academic joys and sorrows with alcohol.

In the JAMKO elections, it has not been possible to offer the same opportunities to political youth and student organisations, for example, for candidate recruitment. The Student Union has been instructed that individual political groups cannot reserve stand places in Jamk’s premises, for example, but that election-related events must be organised in such a way that all groups are represented. The Representative’s Council is the supreme decision-making body of JAMKO and students in Jamk’s statutory student representative seats are largely elected from among the members of the Council.

JAMKO is inquiring whether JAMK’s approach to political events has changed?

JAMKO’s Board Chairperson, Annu Suvilehto and the actives of JAMKO express concern that political speaking space has been unilaterally granted to an individual known for baseless defamation of students and belittling their mental health, well-being, and financial challenges.

We hope for open and impartial discussions within JAMK’s premises, where different perspectives can meet in a constructive spirit.

Annu Suvilehto
Chairperson of the Board

Ismo Puhakka
Executive Director


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