Student union JAMKO renews the new digital membership card

In order to improve digital membership services student union JAMKO renews its digital membership card in the beginning of 2019. We are aiming for better, wider and faster service and for this purpose we are going to offer new digital student card in the mobile wallet Pivo!

“There are good experiences about Pivo for instance from Tampere. Pivo makes it possible to obtain student benefits, without forgetting the stable usage. Pivo includes the national benefits like finnish railroads VR, Buscompanies Matkahuolto, and social insurance company KELA’s Meal subsidy and makes us possible to offer better local benefits. We also value that digital Student card does not bring any extra costs to the students”, says JAMKO’s chairman of the board Mikael Rauhansalo.

Student membership and benefits faster in use

Digital membership card Pivo can be activated shortly after the membership fee is paid. This is remarkable improvement in comparison to current delay of many days. Pivo student card can be activated for those who have paid JAMKO membership, who use any Finnish bank. You have to have a Finnish bank account to use Pivo.

Cooperation with student benefit service Frank ends

Digital student card Frank that introduced fees this autumn, will not be offered as JAMKO membership card anymore starting from December 31st 2018. JAMKO membership card Frank will work normally until this. The student benefits will still be available as the physical student card, if it has the valid membership sticker for the current membership period. The new Pivo student card is available to be activated from the beginning of 2019.

Joining JAMKO goes to webstore in 2019

In Addition to Pivo, JAMKO is also improving its processes how to join JAMKO and renew the membership. These are done via webstore from the beginning of 2019. Due to this, becoming member is easier – you just have to choose the membership product to the digital shopping card and pay it instantly. After this the membership sticker can be received from the JAMKO office or membership service point. The changes are part of bigger improvement of JAMKO’s digital services, that aims to react to our members needs better. JAMKO will inform and let you know about the new practises later this year.

More info
Mikael Rauhansalo, Chairperson of the board, pj(a), 0443211500
Hannu Järvistö, Executive Director, toiminnanjohtaja(a), 0443211600

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