Stand as a candidate in Representatives elections – Candidate filing period continues!

With the decision of the Central Election Committee the Candidate filing period of JAMKO’s Representatives’ election is continued until 27th of September 3 p.m.

Representatives council

  • decides the student union’s membership fees and actions of JAMKO and the matters that JAMKO promotes.
  • represents all UAS students at JAMK and Jyväskylä.
  • gives its opinions on important matters that affect students in JAMK UAS, locally and nationally.
  • improves education and well-being of JAMK UAS students.


Why to stand as a candidate?

  • You can make a difference to student issues in JAMKO, JAMK and Jyväskylä.
  • You’ll get contacts, networks and experience that are valued in working life.
  • The work increases study credits
  • You’ll get the chance to make a great difference, but with minimal effort. You can participate according to your time and interest.
  • Is not hard, because the work is based on your role as a student. You are an expert on the matter.


All students who have obtained membership of JAMKO for the Academic year 2019 – 2020 are eligible candidates. A student can stand as a candidate by filling and returning the electronic candidacy announcement form.  A student can stand as a candidate as non-aligned. The spokespersons of the coalitions will assist if needed. All the requisite forms and the contact information are available on JAMKO’s election site:

JAMKO encourages coalitions and spokespersons to increase the amount of candidates on their lists. Also forming coalitions and electoral rings is possible until Sept 27th 3 p.m.


More information  of the representatives election:

and Central Election Committee: keskusvaaliautakunta(a)

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