Reporting of JAMKO’s Grumble Weeks ready

Student Union JAMKO’s annual feedback concept Grumble Weeks was held Feb 18th – 31st. 2019. The total amount of answers was 487 which is almost a 100 more than last year. The students of Music campus were most active in relation to their headcount, close to 30% gave feedback. After the survey closed, JAMKO organized Follow up – events, where the reports and their main themes and questions were gone through with the students and staff of JAMK.

For the first time students nominated the Employee of the Year, who is a positive example and has made a difference in student matters and acted vigorously to improve students’ education and well-being. Most votes got Petra Blinnikka who is a senior lecturer at Tourism and Service Business. She is also nominated for the national competition of best teacher, that is held by The national organization of student union’s SAMOK.

Biggest things that came up in the grumble feedbacks were declining amount of contact classes and growing amount of group work. Also, the parking spaces on our campuses are too small. Optima and Asio are seen as old fashioned and non-functional.

The feedback has been compiled into field specific reports and the public one’s have been published on JAMKO’s website. The heads of departments and JAMK UAS’ quality teams will receive the feedback uncensored.

More information on reports and grumble weeks here

Further information:
Antti Paunonen
Member of the Board, Educational policy, kopo (a)

Emma Ahonen
Member of the Board, Social policy, sopo (a)

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