JAMKO’s team recruitment has started!

Do you want to be somewhat involved in JAMKO activities but don’t want to commit to board work? In JAMKO teams you can develop yourself and bring out your own skills in various contexts.

In our 2 teams there are plenty of things to do! From event organization to content design, marketing planning and material productions. The teams will actively work from August 2024 to May 2025. Everyone is welcome to join the Media and Event teams! Tutors will receive tutor hours. All members of the teams receive a certificate after the year.

Team’s working languages are Finnish and English. The size of the team is different every year but there is always room for active members. The media team works for a year but you can stay in the team longer if you want to keep developing your skills during your studies.

The application period is 18.-31.3. and the registration form opens on 18.3. at 10am and closes on 31.3 at 15:00. The interviews will be held from 1.-5 of April. We inform the interview time and place via email.

Apply to teams here!

Marketing team

Marketing team is JAMKO’s assistant in the production of various media content. Everyone is welcome to the Marketing Team regardless of their skill level as long as they are enthusiastic. Marketing team is a safe place to develop your skills and learn new ones. We encourage you to take your own visual approach in the projects while keeping in mind JAMKO’s communications guidelines.

Examples of projects:
– Photography and videography of events
– Designing overall badges
– Marketing of upcoming events and designing marketing materials
– Production of graphic materials

More information media team:
Miia Turunen-Willman
Communication responsible

Event team

This is your chance to apply and contribute to the planning, marketing, and execution of upcoming JAMKO events! Join a team of like-minded individuals, and together, let’s navigate the ins and outs of event organization. This isn’t just a chance; it’s a concrete opportunity to gain experience in event management and be an integral part of successful JAMKO activities.

Things you can do in event team can be for example:
– Arrange catchy pub quizzes, bar parties and food events
– events which supports students wellbeing
– Brainstorm event themes, activities and awards
– Create and decorate various venues

More information of the event team:
Andrea Guermas