Overall orders via study field associations

It’s time to order your overalls!

Overalls are students’ uniform and in JAMK they are ordered via study field associations. From the list below you can see the timetable of overall fittings. In the fittings you can try overalls on, choose the right size for you and pay for your overalls. The colour and price of the overalls vary through study fields. Most study field associations demand the pay by cash.

More info: overall responsibles (information below according to study fields) or JAMKO’s vice chairperson Tiia Kolu, 044 3211 550

Jammaus (Music)
Wednesday 31.8. 14:30-15 Pitkäkatu Campus, lobby
Thursday 1.9. 11.15-12:15 Pitkäkatu Campus, lobby
Cash only!
Jenni Keränen, 0505976250

JASTO (Social and health studies)
Monday 29.8. 11-13 Dynamo Campus, lobby
Wednesday 31.8. 9-12 Rajakatu Campus, Tulikari Auditorium
Cash only!
Mikko Tenhunen, 0405068197

JIO (Engineers)
Monday 29.8. 14-17 Rajakatu Campus, FK07
Monday 29.8. 14-17 Dynamo Campus, lobby
Wednesday 31.8. 12-15 Dynamo Campus, lobby
Wednesday 31.8. 11-16, Rajakatu Campus, FK07
Thursday 1.9. 11-14 Dynamo Campus, lobby
Cash only!

Rajakatu: Hannu Vähätalo, 0504925111
Dynamo: Jaakko Räsänen, 0504645129

Konkurssi (Business Administration, Business Information Systems)

Wednesday 31.8. 11-15 Ladun Maja
Thursday 1.9. 9-15 Rajakatu Campus, Tulikari Auditorium
Friday 2.9. 9-13 Rajakatu Campus, Tulikari Auditorium
Cash and card accepted.
Contact: Hilma Ojanen, 0445589200

MatkaRaTa (Tourism and service management)
Friday 2.9. 13:15-16 F133
Cash and card accepted.
Contact: Aaretti Rapala, 0415072593

Tarmo (Agriculture and Rural Industries)
Tarmo has already kept their overall fittings but contact Maarit or your tutor if you were left without.
Contact: Maarit Moisio 0408681045

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