Overall fitting schedule

New student or someone who wants to order overalls! Study field associations will arrange the overalls fitting and ordering. If you want to get yourself awesome overalls that you can cover with overall badges, check the fitting schedule of your own study field association. Go and try on the overalls and inform your size and study field to the person in charge. The overalls will arrive by the end of September. The overalls will get their oath at 29th of September at Bar Bra. The doors for overall oath will open at 8pm and there is no entry fee till 10pm with overalls.

Overall fitting schedule

JAMMAUS (music)

  • Wed 26.8 clock 3pm-5pm main lobby
  • Mon 31.8 clock 12am- 1:30pm main lobby
  • Tue 1.9 clock 11am-12am main lobby

JASTO (social and health service)

  • Wed 26.9 clock 8:00am Auditorium Tulikari
  • Mon 31.8. clock 9am-11am Dynamo main lobby

JIO (engineers)

  • Dynamo: Wed 26.8 clock 10am-1pm Library and Tue 1.9. clock 12am Library
  • Rajakatu: Thu 27.8 12am-3pm classroom EP02

KONKURSSI (business)

  • Mon 24.8 clock 11am-01pm auritorium Tulikari’s lobby (IB)
  • Thu 27.8 clock 11:30am-01pm auditorium Valjakka’s lobby (LITA)
  • Fri 28.8 clock 11.30am-01pm auditorium Valjakka’s lobby (LITA)
  • Mon 31.8 clock 11am-01pm Konkurssi office (TIKO)

MATKARATA (tourism- and hospitality service)

  • Fri 28.8 clock 01pm-03pm classroom F133

TARMO (agrologist)

  • Thu 27.8. clock 11:45am at Tiedontori


More information

Iina Mustalampi
Vice Chairperson of the Board
+358 44 3211 550

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