Member service points on JAMK campuses

JAMKO brings member services to all campuses during Autumn 2015. JAMKO’s office is open during normal office hours and member service points will be open at Dynamo, Music, Tarvaala and Music campus. Member service points offer normal member services i.a. you can get a semester sticker after you’ve renewed your membership via JAMKO’s webpage or get your student card and a sticker to it if you have received a notification to your school email that it is ready to be collected. At member service points you can buy all the pre-tickets to JAMKO’s events and collect the Academic Sports’ sticker after you have payed it online. The matters regarding the Survival Kits for the exchange students are handled only at the office.

Member service points in different campuses during Aug 31st. – Sep. 30th.

JAMKO’s office, Main Campus, Rajakatu 35, Room FP23

Mon – Thu 9am – 3pm

Fri 9am – 2pm

Note! The office does not close for lunch or coffee break as usual.

Dynamo, Piippukatu 2, lobby

Mon 10.00am – 3pm

Wed 10.00am – 3pm

Fri 10.00am – 2pm

Music Campus, Pitkäkatu 18, lobby

Tue 11am – 2pm

Tarvaala, Tuumalantie 17, Saarijärvi, Tiedontori

Thu 11am – 1pm

In addition Dynamo’s member service point open during October until Oct 7th                                                            

Wed 10.00am – 3pm

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