JAMKO’s Tursajaiset cancelled for the autumn 2020

Student Union JAMKO has decided to cancel the Freshmen Party (Tursajaiset), event for new students starting in autumn 2020. Tursajaiset for JAMK students is the largest event of the students and annually gathers about 1000 students to complete various checkpoints around Jyväskylä.

“The decision has been hard for us, but we saw that hosting Tursajaiset and simultaneously taking care of students’ safety would be impossible. Keeping proper safety distances and following JAMK UAS’ restrictions on assembly would have changed the nature of the event significantly. We want to offer all new students an opportunity to participate safely in the most important event of the year, but we won’t do it at the expense of someone’s health or to make this situation worse”, says Stella Palassalo, JAMKO’s peer tutoring responsible and one of the main organizers of Tursajaiset.

JAMKO is determined to host Tursajaiset at another time to further the students’ community and networking. The concept of Tursajaiset is developed in a way that it would be possible to arrange it in winter conditions. JAMKO is also taking into consideration our cooperation partners, our tutors and study field associations in the planning of the new concept.

JAMKO closely follows both Finnish government’s and JAMK’s decisions and recommendations about the Covid-19 situation. All JAMKO’s events and activities are under ongoing discussion. The future of the events will be informed after the situation clears up. The main mission of the Student Union is to do our part to prevent the spreading of the pandemic.

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Stella Palassalo
JAMKO’s board member, tutoring
+358 45 3194 906, tutor(a)jamko.fi

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