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The Merriam-Webster’s definition for trusteeship is: Trusteeship: the office or function of a trustee. As a student’s trustee JAMKO’s the most important work is the trusteeship work. In Finnish the word for trusteeship (edunvalvonta) rhymes with words like quality management (laadunvalvonta), embroidery (kirjonta) and muck (sonta). In the hurries of the autumn, I didn’t have the any creative thought in my head to come up with the rhymes with trusteeship. So i’ll go with the Finnish ones and explain them. But back to the beef of the text, what trusteeship really is ?

Quality management. In the spring JAMKO collects feedback from the students in Grumble weeks. If you have answered the Grumble weeks, you know that the feedback is about the quality of teaching and education, about Jamk’s communication and tutoring that is organized by JAMKO. Outside the Grumble weeks, you can contact our educational policy responsible, if there are unfair situations in your course. The educational policy responsible, also known as kopo, will tell you what you should do in these unfair situations.

Embroidery. JAMKO’s tutor sector trains annually around 170 tutors (this spring 154), who help new students become part of Jamk’s community. JAMKO also tries to get students to meet each other and experience a sense of community through several different activities. One of these actions is getting students back on campus. With various activities, students are embroidered to become part of a community where each student can be their own diverse self.

Our community is supported with various activities. Mentors are trained to support the tutors and second to fourth year students. Our mentors are recognizable by their blue t-shirts. The mentors hold guidance meetings for the tutors, and in these meetings the tutors can discuss about their experiences and thoughts about tutoring. In addition to this, JAMKO has a trained harassment contact person who can be contacted at a small threshold after experiencing harassment or improper treatment. The harassment contact person works confidentially in accordance with your terms, supporting and directing further if necessary.

Muck. Sometimes a student’s life is straight up muck. There are challenges with livelihood and health services, sometimes also with coping. Questions related to these themes are answered by the JAMKO’s board social policy responsible, i.e. Sopo. Sopo follows the aforementioned themes and strives to influence them. The person in charge of international trusteeship monitors the situation of international students at Jamk and strives to ensure that communication reaches our international students and that their voice is heard in decision-making.

Members of JAMKO’s board, members of the representative council and students of Jamk are involved in various working groups, where students share their perspectives on matters to be decided. Members of JAMKO’s board’s trusteehsip team are involved in, for example, the health work group, the university sports work group and the ethics committee, where the students’ voice is represented. In addition to board members that do the trusteeship work, JAMKO has advisors that also does the trusteeship work and guides our board members.

In addition to these, JAMKO has also done election influencing during the parliamentary elections, so students use their voice and they are heard. Election influence aims to draw attention to students’ financial, health and social situation and to ensure that the decision-makers make decisions that support the student’s well-being and coping. JAMKO also strives to meet the members of Parliament (MP) elected from the constituency of Central Finland, so that the voice of the students is heard through the MPs and the voice has meaning in the decisions made.

So JAMKO does a lot of things to make your study time as comfortable as possible for you, the student. However, if you have any concerns or questions, you can always contact us!

  • The chairperson Lauri Kujala puheenjohtaja@jamko.fi (Leads the trusteeship sector)
  • Peer tutoring Annu Suvilehto, tutor@jamko.fi
  • Exhange and degree tutoring Andrea Guermas, kvtutor@jamko.fi
  • Mentoring Henriikka Tilander, mentorointi@jamko.fi
  • Harassment contact person Anna Tarvainen-Illi, hairinta@jamko.fi
  • Educational policy Jesse Kykyri kopo@jamko.fi
  • Social policy Noora Hakonen sopo@jamko.fi
  • International trusteeship Ragnar Törnblom ragnar.tornblom@jamko.fi

If you have something for the whole trusteeship sector, you can contact us here: edunvalvonta@jamko.fi

Remember, we are here for you!

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